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[C&R] Monster's Month in Midgard! October Events Calendar
Celebrate the Halloween season with our October events! As these events come online, you will be able to click on the topics to go to individual event pages!

The Haunting Hour is at hand

All throughout the month of October, monsters are the stars in Ragnarok Online. Creepy creeps from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom! The events we have going on this month include:

Niffleheim Spotlight

Starting October 9th and going until November 6th, our spotlight program takes place in the Terrifying Town of the Dead. During our spotlight events, local monsters get boosted EXP as well as increased drops of certain items.

Returning Halloween Quest

One of our popular seasonal events from years past was the Ecto Exterminator's quest, which has the players assisting the strange group of ghost hunters in stopping a powerful spiritual menace. The reward is is the strange Gozarian Mask, which gives it's wearer power during the event. The Quest will also run from October 9th until November 6th.

October Spooky Box

A box of treats (no tricks) from our roster of creepily fun equipment and consumables. Coming October 16th.

Costume Gear Random box

Based on the class specific headgears introduced this year, these replica headgears can be worn by everyone! In the Kafra shop starting on October 9th!