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[R&C] 2013 Halloween Quest
This is Halloween!

Ghoul Foods Marketplace

There is a coffin in Prontera (156, 134) containing a vampire who is looking for help in gathering organic pumpkins. With the recent craze of organically grown produce, he's looking to break into a lucrative new venture. Unfortunately there is one major problem.

There's not much farmland available in the musty and cobwebb covered Niffleheim area. The vampire's rival, Organic Jakk(tm) has cornered the market on these pumpkins, and has opened franchises all over Rune Midgard.

Ghost-ile Takeover

His representatives can be found on the field maps of Rune Midgard, you can "persuade" them to part with their delicious wares.

Blasphemous Alex in Nifflheim will take 30 of these Organic Pumpkins off of your hands. But don't think that he isn't thankful for your help!

Eternal Rewards

When you turn in the Pumpkins the first time, you get a cool Costume: Whisper Mask item, said to be designed by the Midgard branch of the Silver Shamrock company.

You can turn in multiple batches of pumpkins, on subsequent deliveries Alex will give random rewards, including WoE supplies, and other treats.

The quest will be available until November 13th!