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[R&C] November Groove Pack

Our festivities commence with a new Groove pack for November!

The Groove Pack is introduced every other month as a 150 kafra point item that has a fixed item to give and a random consumable or headgear. Though the Groove Packs cannot be traded, oftentimes the items within can be traded or vended. The Groove Pack will be available in the Kafra shop between 11/20 and 12/4 2013.

Classic Thanksgiving Groove Pack

Always includes HE Bubble Gum x 1
Contains one of the following at random:
  • HE Bubble Gum x 3
  • Mega Resist Potion x 40
  • Mystical Amplification Scroll x 40
  • Mental Potion x 40
  • Abrasive x 40
  • Parade Hat
  • Sigrun's Wings

Renewal Thanksgiving Groove Box

Always gives Safe to +7 Chance Box x 1
Contains one of the following at random:
  • 1x Battle Manual X3
  • 2x Bloody Branch
  • 3x HE Bubble Gum
  • 1x Safe to 7 Chance Box
  • 10x Bowman Scroll 10
  • 1x Safe to 10 Certificate
  • 1x Gangster Scarf