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R&C] Black Friday boxes

The Kafra Corporation gets in on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales by offering the splendid Black Friday box on our Renewal server and the Thanksgiving Groove Crate on Classic. The box will be available from 11/27 until 12/4

Howdy all! Lead-Foot Lucy here of the "Oridecon Horseshoe" saloon, with the latest on the Kafra co's Limited Time Lucky Box for all of you settin' out to do some holiday shoppin' early!


Randomly gives one of the following:
  • Fallen Angel Wing
  • Turkey on your Head
  • Rudolph Hairband
  • CD in Mouth
  • 8 x Battle ManualX3
  • 6 x Bloody Dead Branch
  • 10 x HE Bubble Gum
  • 4 x Safe to +7 random box
  • 1 x Safe to +10

Turkey on Your Head

Having saved her from the roasting pan this Turkey now rests comfortably on your head.

Small chance to cast Inc Agi lv 10 when attacking or Attacked
Increases Heal amount of Eggs
Give a small chance to receive Eggs from any monster killed
+1% Max Hp and Max Sp per refine level

Fallen Angel Wings
Large, black wings of a fallen dark angel that can be enchanted in the Eden Group.
LUK + 2.
Atk +1% for every 20 base Str.
Matk +1% for every 20 base Int.
Increase tolerance to Neutral attacks by 1% for every 20 base Vit.
Attack Speed +1% for every 20 base Agi.
Ranged Attack Damage +1% for every 20 base Dex.
Critical Attacks +1% for every 20 base Luk.

Rudolph Hairband

A Christmas hairband sporting the face Christmas' most famous reindeer Rudolf.

Increases the healing potency of Carrot while worn.
During the Christmas season, has a chance of casting [Increase AGI] while physically attacking.

CD in Mouth

Burn away as you hold this CD in your mouth.

When attacking, 6% chance of activating for 5 seconds: Automatically cast level 1 ~ 5 [Fire Bolt], [Cold Bolt], [Lightening Bolt], [Earth Spike], or [Soul Strike] on your target.


The Classic Groove Crate is available for one week and offers 5 boxes for the price of 4! Available from the Special Event Seller NPC in Prontera and the Eden Group for 600 Kafra Points.