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[R&C] 2013 Christmas Quests

The spirit of the season is all around with the quests to ring in the end of the year!

Next week we will be introducing quests with fun rewards for the holidays.

A little preview of the headgear reward for the RO overseas HQ designed quest:

The NPC to start the quest will be in Lutie, speak with Union Commander Cliff at (150,134). You must be level 40 or higher to help out.

Cliff has an unusual request, a member of the Single's Army, he's seeking to disrupt the cheery celebrations of couples in Lutie with some single person Christmas festivities.

Players who are willing to help will be interrupting couples as well as hunting down the crafty raccoons who have been stealing snacks and other things needed for the party.

The reward for completing the quest is a Special Christmas gift box which gives a random item when opened. This quest can be repeated once per day.