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[C&R] Valentines Day Events 2014

It's the time of the year for iROmance! From February 12 to March 5 we have some fun events and quest running for adventurers who believe in the power of love.

Won't you BEELZ our Valentine this February? As a special event for the week, monster exp is boosted to 150%! In addition, our Rachel/Veins combined spotlight has begun.

2014 Valentines Day Quest

In the city of Morroc, there is a famous sculpter. His talent is so great, some grumble that he must have made a deal with a devil to be as good as he is. A man in Prontera is looking to hire this sculptor and needs your help to get in touch. The quest begins in Prontera (167, 125) with the "Anxious Man"

GRAVE reviews for Romero and Ghouliet

This story of love starts off in the Geffen where players meet Romero pining away for his lost love Ghouliet. Though he knows that the City has forbidden him from seeing her he asks that the players assist him in his travel. First by obtains food and drink for the journey ahead. The quest begins in Geffen (35, 122).

New Lucky Box

Get a candygram for yourself with these new February Lucky Boxes! We have candygram boxes available on Classic and Renewal, and a Crate on Renewal selling 5 boxes for the price of 4. Check them out at our new page here.