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[C&R] My Bloody Valentine Lucky Box

That blessed time of year has come! Tax season! Er...actually Valentines day! This is the perfect lucky box to purchase and share with a loved one. Both servers' lucky boxes are priced at 300 kafra points.

Renewal Lucky Box

Random chance of giving:
  • 8x Battle Manual X3
  • 30x Male GM Mercenary
  • 7x Bloody Dead Branch
  • 2000x Prize Medals
  • Ninja Scroll
  • Little Feather Hat
  • Black Devil Mask[1]
  • White King Tiger Doll Hat
  • Octopus Balloon Hat

Classic Lucky Box

  • 30x Fencer Mercenary Scroll
  • 8x Battle Manual X3
  • 10x HE Bubble Gum
  • Promethean Crown
  • Drooping Kafra Telling Doll Hat
  • Hat of Fortune[1]
  • Observer