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[C&R] O'Riley's Groovy Pack

O'Riley the Leprechaun brings his wares to Rune Midgard as we celebrate St. Patrick's day!


When opened, you will always receive: 1x HE Gum You will receive one of the following at random:
  • Peace Pipe
  • Slotting Advertisement (We will be adding slotting Troy to Payon soon)
  • Gangster Scarf
  • Triple Poring Hat
  • Takius Blindfold[1]
  • Benevolent Guardian
  • HE Bubble Gum x3
  • Party Assumptio Scroll x25
  • Mega Resist Potion x80
  • Yellow Ribbon


Each O'Riley's Groove Pack will always give you 1 Safe to 7 Chance Box and Green Ale and contains one of the following at random:
  • 10x Spearman Scroll 10
  • 10x Fencer Scroll 10
  • 10x Bowman Scroll 10
  • 1x Safe to 10 Certificate
  • 1x Halter Lead 30 Day Box
  • 1x Safe to All Pack
  • 1x Costume: Sakkat
  • 1x Gangster Scarf
  • 1x Archangel Wing
  • 1x Pirate Dagger
  • 1x Well-Chewed Pencil
  • 1x CD In Mouth
  • 1x Four Leaf Clover
  • 1x Incarnation Of Morocc Doll