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[C&R] St. Patrick's Day Quest

This year we bring back a vintage St. Patrick's Day quest from 2011 where you are trying to find the kidnapped Leprechaun O'Riley before it's too late!

O'Riley is Missing

To begin the quest, seek out the "Mysterious Man" hanging out in the Payon outdoor cafe to the East of the local Kafra gal.

You'll want to hunt down the sinister agents of V.I.P.E.R. and collect the Shreds of Evidence and coins that they drop to continue, you'll be able to trade the coins for green ale to the "Mysterious Man" after you complete the story quest.

The prize for completing the quest is stylish and festive St. Patrick's Hat[1]

St. Patrick's Hat[1]
This is an exact replica of the hat worn by O'Riley the Leprechaun.
Str +1, Int +1, Mdef +4.
If refined to +8 or higher, adds a chance of automatically using 1 Green Ale while physically attacking and a low chance of dropping Green Ale with each monster killed.
Can be traded, stored, and vended
Class : Headgear
Defense : 8
Location : Upper
Weight : 30
Required Level : 40
Job : All
This quest will be active until April 8th. The Green Ale Effect will return to it's normal 10% HP/SP recovery on April 29th.