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[C&R] Spotlight on : Juno!

Victoria Qwest's Report:

The capital of the Schwartzvald Republic, Juno stands as a gigantic floating monument to the eternal pursuit of knowledge. Located to the North of the Rune-Midgarts kingdom, Juno is also a major hub for the network of airships that link the northern territories. There are some amazing sight to see in this town!

In addition to the Midgard-famous pub in the Southwest sector there is a monster museum highlighting different creatures captured alive and a gigantic Library. Those venturing underneath the city will find some technomagic marvels and some beautiful architecture.

Monsters that natively spawn in Juno and it's surrounding dungeons and field maps will get increased exp, drops and spawns during the event!

  • Apocalypse
  • Archdam
  • Blazzer
  • Condor
  • Flying Deleter
  • Ground Deleter
  • Demon Pungus
  • Diabolic
  • Green Dimik
  • Blue Dimik
  • Orange Dimik
  • Red Dimik
  • Driller
  • Drops
  • Dustiness
  • Explosion
  • Geographer
  • Gig
  • Goat
  • Grand Peco
  • Grizzly
  • Harpy
  • Horn
  • "Hunter Fly"
  • Kaho
  • Beetle King
  • Lava Golem
  • Marin
  • Nightmare Terror
  • Red Novus
  • Yellow Novus
  • Poporing
  • Poring
  • Pupa
  • Rafflesia
  • Sleeper
  • Purple Venatu
  • Green Venatu
  • Orange Venatu
  • Blue Venatu
  • Wild Rose