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[C&R]Beat the Taxman with April's sales and Lucky Baskets!

We're ringing in the spring season with new Lucky Boxes on Classic and Renewal with some dynamite items. All through the month we will have exciting promotions to get the most bang for your tax refund! Even if you don't pay taxes to Uncle Sam you can still take advantage of these spectacular deals.

April Lucky Baskets

The Kafra Corp is offering Baskets full of useful things on both Renewal and Classic server this month, with some returning fan favorites and some never-before seen gears!


The Kafra Corp is proud to present this spring-themed lucky gift basket. Instead of chocolates and eggs, this basket will give one of the following at random when opened!

  • Vanilmirth Hat
  • Purple Cowboy Hat[1]
  • 5x Battle Manual X3
  • 40x Lvl. 10 Sword Mercenary Scroll
  • Lif Doll Hat[1]
  • Moon Rabbit Hat
  • Mini Glasses[1]
  • 10x Job Battle Manual
  • Yggdrasil Crown
  • Drooping Turtle Hat


Includes 5 lucky baskets and a bonus Safe to +10 Certificate


When opened, gives one of the following at random

  • 5x Battle Manual X3
  • 5x Bloody Branch
  • 6x HE Bubble Gum
  • Safe to +7 Chance Box
  • Crown of Deceit
  • Heroic Backpack
  • Mini Glasses[1]
  • Costume Devoted Eyes
  • Costume: Castle Bat
  • Fallen Angel Wing
  • Party Hard Pack
  • Peace Pipe

New VIP Plan

Added today is a new 7 day VIP plan, available for 200 WPE. As many players have schedules with work or school that make playing accounts all month difficult, or lots of alternate accounts they might not need to have subscribed through the whole month we have this short term plan!

You will see this option available when you log onto Warpportal, Power Up! and go to the VIP Package tab to purchase. Having VIP gives you access to creating the maximum number of characters on your account, get access to VIP dungeons on Renewal Chaos and free buffs!