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[Renewal] iRO's 12th Anniversary Quest Events are GO!

12th Anniversary Event!

On June 1st 2003, Ragnarok Online officially launched. Thank you for your many years of dedication that have made this possible. To celebrate we have a number of events running starting this week!

Our first event is for Renewal, a quest designed by our development team to celebrate Ragnarok's 12th anniversary. This event has multiple ways for you to earn coupons which you can exchange for the Anniversary headgears!

Crystal Invasion: Crystal Monsters have appeared in fields and dungeons across Rune Midgard and a boss monster can be summoned in South Prontera Field! These monsters drop event coupons when killed

Poring Roulette: Speak to the Poring Roulette NPC in Comodo (197, 133) to bet your coupons on your favorite poring, with a huge payout if you bet correctly.

Beach Cleaning in Comodo: Help to clean up the beaches in Comodo to get some free coupons! Speak to the cleaning NPC in Comodo (210, 125) to shovel the crap on the beach directly into your pockets!

Promote the 12th anniversary: The NPC in Comodo (219, 137) will give you a task to travel to different cities to spread the news of the Odin blessed event.

The coins you earn during this event can be turned into the 12th anniversary Reward NPC to get Buff, Consumable and Equipment rewards! The equipment includes costume and non-costume versions of the 12th anniversary Elven Ears and crown!