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[Renewal] Early Autumn Costume Box

This new box brings a variety of amazing hats from the mysterious East for only 400 kafra points!

When opened, you receive one of the following at random
  • Contains one of the following
  • Costume Subject Aura
  • Costume Monochrome Cap
  • Costume Falling Maple Leaf
  • Costume Ladys Feather Hat
  • Costume Fan In Mouth
  • Costume Sepia Cap
  • Costume Pumpkin Head
  • Costume Lude Hood
  • Costume Diabolic Headphone
  • Costume Straw Rice Bag
Costume: Test Subject Aura
Costume: Pumpkin Head
Costume: Sepia Cap
Costume: Lude Hood
Costume: Diabolic Headphones
Costume: Straw Rice Bag
Costume: Monochrome Hat
Costume: Fan In Mouth
Costume: Falling Maple Leaf
Costume: Lady's Feather Hat