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[R&C] Holly Joliday Lucky Box arrives for December!

It's a Holly Joliday with the Kafra Co as they bring us a new box (and crate on Renewal) with some new items to iRO and returning favorites!

Talk to the special item seller NPC in Prontera to pick up a lucky box on Pre-Renewal Classic!

Classic Lucky Box

Each Lucky Box gives one of the following items at random
  • Gentleman's Pipe
  • Gelato Hat
  • Elven Ears [1]
  • Well Chewed Pencil
  • Santa Poring Hat
  • Marvelous Wig
  • Job Battle Manual
  • Mental Potion
  • Party Blessing Scroll
  • Party Increase Agi Scroll
  • Renewal Lucky Box

  • Odacious Angeling Balloon (Effect changed from +1 to +1% ASPD)
  • Heroic Backpack
  • Skull Cap
  • Black Devil Mask_
  • Isabella Brown Ear
  • Costume: Shelter Wing Ears
  • Bloody Dead Branch x4
  • Mystical Amplification Scroll x100
  • Lv. 10 Fencer Merc x30
  • Boy's Pure Heart (Succubus tame) x30