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Spotlight on Rock Ridge!

Spotlight on: Rock Ridge!

The current spotlight on Renewal is Rock Ridge! During this spotlight, all monsters in Rock Ridge have enhanced drops. You will also receive large amounts of EXP and Job EXP for completing the Rock Ridge main quest and speaking to the NPC Victoria Quest afterwards.

To begin, speak to Victoria Quest who is next to Karam Pucci to learn more about the Spotlight:

If you click the first option, "What tasks await?", Victoria will list available quests on the map that are available to complete in red. Completed quests will show up in blue.

Go ahead and complete the Fist Full of Zeny quest. Once you've completed this quest, go back and speak with Victoria Quest and she'll give you a ton of EXP and Job EXP as a reward. Players that have already completed "Fist Full of Zeny" can still speak to Victoria and still receive the EXP/Job EXP reward.

Afterwards, you can speak to Victoria again to receive a ton of buffs once a day.

Be sure to take advantage of these free, 60 minute buffs every day during this spotlight!