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Once More Unto the Breach

Once More Unto the Breach

Once More Unto the Breach

Beyond the edge of our dimension lies an alternate Midgard where monsters freely roam city streets. Once per year, our dimension intersects with this parallel Midgard, thinning the veil that separates our two existences. To quell these violent forces and keep them at bay, adventurers are called to enter the breach and fight off the monsters!

Event Details

Requirements: Base Level 60
Cooldown: Unlimited entry; Reward once every 16 hours
Reward: Cupet Coin; Items from Vending Machine that take Cupet Coin


To access the parallel dimension, speak to Varmundt in North Prontera (157, 303). Through him, you'll be whisked away to one of three parallel world maps that change each day: Lighthalzen, Prontera, or Rachel.

Parallel Towns
Monster Map

Each parallel town has 4 Guardian Stones that's being attacked by monsters. To complete the challenge, all 4 Stones must be restored to full health at the same time. It is best if you work as a team with other adventurers. You can protect the Guardian Stone in one of two ways:
  • Use your own Healing skills to help the Guardian Stone return to its full form
  • Defeat the monsters surrounding the Stone

Guardian Stone

When a Guardian Stone has been fully recovered, no more monsters will appear around it. When you recover all 4 Guardian Stones, Varmundt will appear in the center of the town. Speak to him to receive 5 Cupet Coins and return home. You can complete the event as many times as you like, but your efforts will only earn you 5 Cupet Coins once per day with the timer resetting every 16 hours.

Event Rewards


Daily Reward: 5 Cupet Coins

You can spend your hard-earned Cupet Coins at Silverhand's Vending Machine, located next to Silverhand and Varmundt. If you speak to Silverhand himself, he will offer you one Phreeoni Pet Egg in exchange for 30 Essences of Powerful Soul which can be obtained by chance through the Vending Machine.

For 10 Cupet Coins, you can obtain one of the following items at random from Silverhand's Vending Machine:

Pet Egg (Rare) Pet Item
Essence of Powerful Soul
Cat O'Nine Tail
Girl's Doll
Loli Ruri
Very Red Juice
Teddy Bear
Boy's Pure Heart
Nine Tail
Girl's Naivety
Contract in Shadow
Small Doll Needle
Old Broom
Tantan Noodle
Staff of Leader
Savage Babe
Vagabond's Skull
Desert Wolf
Book of the Devil
Poison Spore
Sap Jelly
150 Cupet Coins
50 Cupet Coins
30 Cupet Coins
20 Cupet Coins
15 Cupet Coins
Luxurious Pet Food
Well-Dried Bone
Peco Peco
Sweet Milk
Fatty Chubby Earthworm
Orange Juice
Dew-Laden Moss
Sweet Potato
Rainbow Carrot
Her Heart
No Recipiento
Earthworm the Dude
Monster Juice
Rusty Iron
Pet Food
Pet Incubator