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Corridor of Phantoms

Corridor Of Phantoms

Corridor of Phantoms

April 15-22, 2021

Notice to all players: This particular occurrence of this event (April 15-22) is an open test period designed to gather feedback and data that will inform decisions on how to implement future instances of Corridor of Phantoms. Keep in mind that details listed below may change for future instances of this event.

We are also offering additional prizes to players who submit their Replay videos of playing through Corridor of Phantoms! Check out our Video Submissions Info Section to find out more!

Test your mettle in the Corridor of Phantoms, a limited-time instance where you will face off against a myriad of upgraded MVP monsters!

High end MVPs

The Corridor has 3 floors, and while the monsters within may look familiar, they've been upgraded with higher stats and new skills. You'll have to bring your A-game if you hope to defeat them and win their coveted Flowers!

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Entering the Corridor

Requirements: Base Level XX
Starting Location: Comodo (214, 186)
Cooldown: 3 days for free entry, 1 day for paid entry

Entrance to the Corridor of Phantoms requires a Phantom's Seal or Phantom's Invitation.

Phantom's Seal
Can be obtained from the Phantom's Spirit (Comodo 214, 186) once every 3 days and grants you entry into the Corridor for 1 hour.

Phantom's Invitation
Can be purchased from the Phantom's Spirit for 1,000,000 Zeny once per day and grants you access to the Corrido for 2 hours.
Note: In the future, the Phantom's Invitation will be available as a Cash Shop item.

With your Seal or Invitation in hand, you may enter the Corridor at Comodo (208, 187).

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Flowers Left by Phantoms

The monsters within the Corridor won't drop items associated with their regular counterparts, but will instead drop Flowers Left by Phantom.

Collect 10 Flowers Left by Phantoms and bring them to the Phantom's Spirit in exchange for a mystery prize. Cards are a possible prize you can win from the Phantom's Spirit, so rack up those Flowers!

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Video Submission

To celebrate the first release of Corridor of Phantoms, we encourage all players to share their adventures as they make their way through the Corridor!

Please submit a Replay video of yourself exploring and fighting through the Corridor of Phantoms!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Record your gameplay in the Corridor of Phantom through the game client's Replay system
  • Create a ticket to submit your Replay video here: https://support.warpportal.com/Main/
  • In the Subject line, please write in "Corridor of Phantom Video"
  • Don't forget to attach your video to the ticket before submitting it!

Please send in your videos by 11:59PM PDT on Sunday, April 25.
All players who submit working Replays will be awarded with a prize!

Disclaimer*Please note that when you submit your video, you agree to allow the Gravity to display, advertise with, or incorporate your materials into promotional uses on related websites/Social Media Network Page/Gallery Page and other necessary online or offline means to advertise the game. Gravity will display your submitted in-game name as part of promotion. Use of Player’s materials for advertisement will be for promotional purposes only.

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