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Melon Festival

Melon Festival

Melon Festival

Ripe and round, sweet and juicy--nothing heralds the coming of warmer days quite like a good melon. This year, the Melon Festival comes to Geffen! Join the Lilyou Family as they bring melony goodness to the festival... with your help, of course!

I Will Grind Melons for You!

Requirements: Base Level 20
Starting Point: Geffen (88, 35), NPC "Lavender"


Lavender, a young girl in Geffen, is representing her family in place of her father for the Melon Festival. Unfortunately, she needs a bit of assistance putting together some of their famous melon-flavored desserts.


She asks you to gather 10 Sweet Melons, which are dropped by Dalcom and Huge Dalcom out in Geffen Fields.

Dalcom Juice

When you return to Lavender, she'll reward you with 5 Dalcom Melon Juice.

Lavender makes juice

After completing Lavender's first quest, you'll be able to purchase Melon Juice and Dalcom Melon Juice from her:

  • Melon Juice
    • Costs 1 Sweet Melon and 1000 Zeny
    • Can make up to 30 at once
  • Dalcom Melon Juice
    • Costs 5 Sweet Melons and 2500 Zeny
    • Can make up to 30 at once
    • For every 10 Dalcom Juice you order from Lavender, she'll give you 1 Dalcom Coin in addition.

Melon Juice
Melon Juice

Juiced from the flesh of a ripe melon.
Class: Recovery
Weight: 5
Recover 10% HP
Recover 10% SP
Hit + 30 for 3 Minutes
Dalcom Melon Juice
Dalcom Melon Juice

Made by mixing the juice of a Dalcom Melon with nutritional powder. Just don't ask where the powder comes from. It is good for you okay?
Class: Recovery
Weight: 10
Recover 30% HP
Recover 30% SP
The juice will go bad after while.

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Next Up, Melon Bread!

Melon Bread

Lavender has one more favor to ask of you...
Speak with her again and she'll tell you all about her Melon Bread, then she'll send you off to fetch the ingredients needed:

  • Organic Wheat Flour
    • Can be obtained from the Suspicious Merchant in Al De Baran (104, 52)
  • Milk
    • Can be purchased in Prontera
  • Dalcom Melon
    • Can be obtained by defeating Dalcom or Huge Dalcom in the field

Return to Lavender with the ingredients and receive 10 Melon Bread and 2 Melon Parfait in return!

Melon Bread
Melon Bread

A soft bread with crumbled brown sugar on top.
Class: Recovery
Weight: 0
Recover 30% HP
Item will go bad after the Melon Festival.
 Melon Parfait
Melon Parfait

A parfait made with melon and ice cream. Tastes good until the last bite.
Class: Recovery
Weight: 0
Full HP/SP Recovery
Grants Kyrie Eleison lv 10 Buff

After completing the Melon Bread quest, Lavender will be able to exchange 5 Dalcom Melon and 1500 Zeny for 1 Melon Bread.

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Melon Festival Commemorative Hat


You didn't think we'd let you leave an event without a hat, did you?
After completing Lavender's quests, she'll ask you to visit Nannabi (Geffen 106, 61).

Nannabi Quest

Nannabi is quite skilled at making hats, but needs your help procuring all the needed material. Collect 30 Dalcom Skin for her and she'll make you a Costume Mini Melon! Dalcom Skins are also dropped from Dalcom and Huge Dalcom in the field, so get hunting!

Costume Mini Melon
Costume Mini Melon
Costume Mini Melon

A small melon. It feels so light you can place it on top of your head.
Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
During the event period +2% damage versus all elements for every 30 base level.
Increases recovery rate of Sweet Melon by 200%
Costume Mini Melon Sprite

Nannabi will give you the Costume Mini Melon only once, and will also throw in a free Melon Parfait along with it.
Afterward, she will be able to exchange 10 Dalcom Skins for 1 Dalcom Melon Juice.

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Biggest Melon Contest


Find Palpadora, the host of the Biggest Melon Contest, at Geffen (142, 40) - you may need to rotate your camera to see her behind the building.
In order to participate in The Biggest Melon Contest, you will need to obtain one Suspicious Melon. You can get one from Melong, who is conveniently standing just a little down the road from Palpadora. Alternatively, you can sometimes find Suspicious Melons dropped by Huge Dalcoms out in the field.


Melong is kind of suspicious, but he's cool - just bring him 10 Sweet Melons and he'll give you 1 Suspicious Melon in return.

Palpadora Quest

Return to Palpadora with your Suspicious Melon. She'll measure it and reward you based on the size of the melon.
Please note that the size of the Suspicious Melon is random, as are the prizes you can receive! The melons range in size from 1-1500mm, and if you have the biggest melon of the day, Palpadora will be sure to tell everyone. The record for the day's biggest melon is reset at 0400 server time each day.

Palpadora Exchange

You can keep submitting Suspicious Melons for prizes and the hopes of winning the biggest melon of the day. You can also exchange 1 Dalcom Coin for a random prize (from the same pool as the melon contest prizes), however doing this won't count toward the melon contest.

Enjoy and have fun at the Melon Festival!

Melon Contest Prize Table
Melon Size
Possible Prize
Impossible to measure!
1001mm +
  • Mystical Card Album
  • Bloody Branch
  • Old Card Album
Premiere Reward
  • Yggdrasil Berry
  • Old Purple Box
  • Melon Parfait
  • Taming Gift Set
Superior Reward
  • Authoritative Badge
  • Dead Branch
  • Old Blue Box
  • Honey Pastry
  • Sesame Pastry
Participation Prize
180mm or less
  • 5 Sweet Melons

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