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OCP & Yggdrasil Fire Sale

OCP Fire Sale

OCP & Yggdrasil Ascension Fire Sale!

June 21 - July 8, 2021

OCP Boxes and Yggdrasil Ascension Tickets are back - but only for a limited time!

From now until July 8, 2021, ALL previous Overseas Care Packages and Yggdrasil Tickets will be available in the Cash Shop for just 300 KP each! Each of these Boxes and Tickets grant you one incredible item at random! To check out what's inside each OCP Box, click on any of the relevant links below! To see what's in each Yggdrasil Ticket, jump to the Yggdrasil section at the bottom of the page!

Overseas Care Packages

Yggdrasil Ascension Tickets

When you obtain a Yggdrasil Ascension Ticket, you must redeem it at the Yggdrasil Tree Explorer NPC on the 2nd Floor of Eden Group (17, 176). They will give you a random item based on the ticket's month, and each subsequent ticket you redeem will give you bonus items. Click here to read more about the Yggdrasil Ascension System. The selection of prizes according to each Yggdrasil Ticket is as follows - click each one to expand its menu!

July 2019 Yggdrasil Ticket

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June 2019 Yggdrasil Ticket

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May 2019 Yggdrasil Ticket

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April 2019 Yggdrasil Ticket

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