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Crack of Dimension

Crack of Dimension Event

Crack of Dimension

Beyond the Midgard that we all know and love is another parallel world that is plagued with fierce monsters constantly threatening to invade their towns. Once a year, the parallel dimensions of the universe intersect, and the door between our Midgard and the other parallel Midgard opens. The parallel world is relying on your help to defeat the monsters terrorizing their home every day.

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Event Details / Event Rewards

Event Details


Level Requirement: 60
Location: Prontera (156, 303)
NPC: Varmundt
Reward: Cupet Coin to exchange for randomized reward items.
Frequency: Daily

You will be helping protect the parallel world's towns of Lighthalzen, Prontera, and Rachel. To get started, meet with the Transcendente, Varmundt, in Prontera.

city map 1 city map 2 city map 3

After speaking to him, he teleports you to one of the troubled towns in the parallel world. Once there, you must help prevent the ferocious monsters from invading and fully restore the four Guardian Stones located in each side of the city. Monsters will appear around each stone, impeding the restoration of the Guardian Stones.

Monsters Guardian Stone

Defeat the monsters surrounding each Guardian Stone and give the stones time to recover. Teaming up with other adventurers will help you get to your goal faster. You can also use any healing skills to assist with the Guardian Store restoration. A fully restored Guardian Stone will stop more monsters from appearing.

Varmundt will appear in the middle of the town once you have succeeded in protecting the town. He will reward you with 5 Cupet Coins and return you to your own world.

Don't forget to do this quest daily so you can save up Cupet Coins to exchange for prizes!

Event Rewards


Near Varmundt is Silverhand and his vending machine. Silverhand is a merchant who travels dimensions alongside Varmundt. If you save up 30 Essences of Powerful Souls, hand it over to him and he will reward you with a Phreeoni Pet Egg!

Essence of Powerful Soul
Essence of Powerful Soul
Essence of Powerful Soul

An Essence reportedly made by refining the soul of a powerful demon. It's not known who and how such work is possible.

Weight: 0
Phreeoni Pet Egg
Phreeoni Pet Egg

An egg in which a Cupet Phreeoni rests. This can be hatched by using a Pet Incubator.
Diet: Luxurious Pet Food
Class: Monster Egg
Weight: 0

Summoned Bonus
If its intimacy is Awkward or Shy, HIT + 6.
If its intimacy is Neutral, HIT + 10, 5% chance of perfect HIT.
If its intimacy is Cordial, HIT + 14, 10% chance of perfect HIT.
If its intimacy is Loyal, HIT + 18, 15% chance of perfect HIT.

You can also exchange 10 Cupet Coins for a random reward at Silverhand's Vending Machine. You can obtain one of the following items listed below.

Pet Egg (Rare) Pet Item
Essence of Powerful Soul
Cat O'Nine Tail
Girl's Doll
Loli Ruri
Very Red Juice
Teddy Bear
Boy's Pure Heart
Nine Tail
Girl's Naivety
Contract in Shadow
Small Doll Needle
Old Broom
Tantan Noodle
Staff of Leader
Savage Babe
Vagabond's Skull
Desert Wolf
Book of the Devil
Poison Spore
Sap Jelly
150 Cupet Coins
50 Cupet Coins
30 Cupet Coins
20 Cupet Coins
15 Cupet Coins
Luxurious Pet Food
Well-Dried Bone
Peco Peco
Sweet Milk
Fatty Chubby Earthworm
Orange Juice
Dew-Laden Moss
Sweet Potato
Rainbow Carrot
Her Heart
No Recipiento
Earthworm the Dude
Monster Juice
Rusty Iron
Pet Food
Pet Incubator

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