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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Celebrate the Harvest Festival in Alberta with games and fun prizes! As the harvest commences and the seasons grow cold, people from all over gather in Alberta for their celebratory Harvet Festival bonfire and other activities. Head on down and participate along with them!

NPC Lana

Requirements: Base Level 40+
Starting Location: Alberta (138, 168)
Starting NPC: Lana
Rewards: 1 Ticket to anywhere, 1 Lottery ticket for harvest, Unlock Harvest Festival Daily Quests

Find the Festival organizer Lana leading the group surrounding the bonfire in Alberta to begin! To start participating in the Festival, you'll need to contribute to the bonfire. She will ask for:
  • 5 High-quality branches
  • 10 Tree Root
  • 1 Fire Arrow
You can find High-quality branches dropped by monsters known as Revival Branches.

After you bring her the items and get the fire going, she will give you 2 tickets:
  • 1 Ticket to Anywhere
  • 1 Lottery ticket for harvest

Speedboat Captain

Bring your Ticket to Anywhere to the Speedboat Captain (Alberta 140, 170) next to Lana for a free instant trip to any one of the following locations:
  • Amatsu
  • Ayothaya
  • Brasilis
  • Dewata
  • Kunlun
  • Louyang
  • Port Malaya
  • Moscovia
  • Rock Ridge


Bring your Lottery ticket for harvest to Gail just north of Lana and her group (Alberta 141, 188) to have it exchanged for prizes! Prizes are drawn at random, so you'll never know what you could get!


You can also get a randomly drawn prize by bringing 10 High-Quality Branches or Nyangvine to Natali (Alberta 140, 186), who stands right next to Gail.

Once you complete Lana's quest, you unlock the Harvest Festival Daily Quests!

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HarvFest Daily Quest

Harvest Festival Daily Quests

There are a variety of Festival attendees in Alberta that can use your help in exchange for more tickets. Each one of these quests can be repeated once per day, so be sure to check in once you're finished!


Luna's Magic Fire

After you complete Lana's main quest, a notice will appear above Luna (Alberta 134, 162) just to the left. Speak to them and you'll learn the secrets behind the bonfire's magic... and then you'll be asked for a favor.
  • Kill 10 Revival Branches and bring Luna 10 High-quality branches
  • Reward: 1 Lottery ticket for harvest


Capturing Hungry Savages

Just northeast of Gail and Natali is the Hunter Serena (Alberta 152, 198). Speak to her to learn all about her work in keeping Hungry Savages at bay while the Festival goes on. She could use some help in safely capturing them!.

Give Trap

To aid you in your quest, she will loan you a Savage Trap. Find the Hungry Savages in the wild and use the Trap to capture them similar to how you would when attempting to Tame pets.

Use Trap

Have your Inventory open to the Savage Trap and double-click it when you find a Hungry Savage. A cursor prompting you to Capture Monster will appear at the top. Click the Hungry Savage to try capturing it!

Capture Wheel

A slot machine much like the one used for Taming pets will pop up and decide whether or not you successfully capture the Hungry Savage!

To complete Serena's daily quest,
  • Capture 10 Hungry Savages
  • Reward: 1 Ticket to anywhere, 1 Lottery ticket for harvest


Home Food

To the west of the bonfire at Alberta (119, 193) is a group of cooks selling their famed Home Food to bring comfort to all the Festival participants. Their cooking is so hot that they're starting to run out of ingredients! Speak to Songhwa to help them all out. She will ask you to bring her ingredients for one of the following dishes, and reward you with the respective reward depending on the dish:
  • Moon Cookie
    • Bring 1 Yellow Spice, 3 Wooden Block
    • Reward: 1 Lottery ticket for harvest
  • Songpyeon
    • Bring 1 Grain, 3 Honey, 10 Green Herb
    • Reward: 2 Lottery tickets for harvest
  • Turkey Roasting
    • Bring 1 Jar of Plain Sauce, 10 Carrot, 3 Lemon
    • Reward: 2 Lottery tickets for harvest

After you complete her quest, either Lewis, Eunwol, or Mr. Kim will have a new quest for you depending on which dish you helped with for Songhwa.


Home Food: Lewis, Eunwol, and Mr. Kim

If you helped Songhwa cook the Moon Cookie, Eunwol will get your attention for some help. The middle of the bunch, Eunwol wishes to try one of the famed Harvest Biscuits to research it and further his cookie knowledge.
  • Bring Eunwol 10 Harvest Biscuits
  • Reward: 1 lottery ticket for harvest

If you helped Songhwa cook Songpyeon, Mr. Kim on the right will ask for your help next. He's busy all day making Songpyeon for Home Food and hasn't seen his daughter in a while, and would really love to visit her when he can.
  • Bring Mr. Kim 2 Tickets to anywhere
  • Reward: 2 lottery tickets for harvest

If you helped Songhwa cook the Turkey Roasting, Lewis on the left will ask for your assistance.
They take great care in caring for the turkeys they raise and eventually cook, and so they need your help fetching some good feed for the turkeys.
  • Bring Lewis 30 Grasshopper's Legs, 20 Green Herb, 20 Harvest Biscuit
  • Reward: 1 lottery ticket for harvest, 1 Costume Turkey Hat (Note: costume only given the first time completing this quest)

Costume Turkey Hat
Costume Turkey Hat
Costume Turkey Hat

Turkey-shaped costume made in commemoration of the harvest thanksgiving.
It looks pretty cute sitting on your head.

Class: Costume
Position: Upper
Weight: 0
RO Renewal Effects
ATK + 10%,
MATK + 10%.
Recovery amount of Harvest Biscuit +100%.

(The options for the item will be deleted after the event.)

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