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2022 Malangdo Octopus Festival

New Year's Event

Malangdo Octopus Festival

Every New Year, octopuses from around the world migrate to visit the giant octopus that lives near Malangdo. Gather some limited-time items from these creatures and join the citizens of Malangdo in celebrating the Malangdo Octopus Festival!

Octopus Festival Staff

Portrait That Repels Bad Luck

Requirements: Base Level 20+
Starting Location: Malangdo (161, 139)
Cooldown: 1 day (for daily quests)

Head over to the Octopus Festival Staff in Malangdo (161, 139) to get started. You will be introduced to this year's character, ChulHo. ChulHo offers to make you a painting that will repel bad luck this year. However, he will need some paper and brushes to get started, so it is your job to help gather the materials!

You will be sent on a series of assignments by SangPil and Papyrus in order to create the items that ChulHo needs for his painting. Before you return to him, Papyrus will also suggest hunting 1 Picnic Octopus and 5 Picnic Octopus Legs to make 1 Ink ball.

After gathering all of the items, return to ChulHo, who will reward you with Chulho's Portrait. This quest can be repeated daily.

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New Year Headgear Machine

Tiger Energy

Requirements: Base Level 20+
Starting Location: Malangdo (167, 139)

Wondering what to do with alll those portraits that you've collected? Look no further than the New Year Headgear Machine, which is located right next to ChulHo. However, after trying to tinker with the machine, you'll soon discover that it's broken! Things can never be as easy as they look, can they?

Upon closer look, it seems that someone has stolen the prizes from the machine. Utilize your detective skills and look for a Witness to help with your investigation. The Witness will direct you to the location of the thief.

When you confront the thief, your own portraits will be stolen from you. ChulHo will scold the thief and create another self-portrait for the thief. He will also give you a Big Tiger Hat as compensation.

From now on, you can also get additional Big Tiger Hats every time you turn in 5 portraits to the New Year Headgear Machine.

Big Tiger Hat
Big Tiger Hat
Big Tiger Hat

A self-portrait drawn by ChulHo.
Tiger paintings are said to have the effect of preventing bad luck, and this painting is so well drawn that tiger protrude from the paper.

Meat recovery rate increased by 2022%.
ATK, MATK + 1% per every Base Lv 15.
(This item option will be removed after the event)

Class: Costume
Defense: 0
Slot: Middle, Lower
Weight: 0
Equip Level: 1
Equippable by: All Jobs

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Malangdo Grilled Octopus

Requirements: Base Level 1+
Starting Location: Malangdo (206, 145)

Got a lot of Fresh Octopus Legs to spare? Find Mimyo and start turning them in! After you and fellow other adventurers collectively turn in 2022 Fresh Octopus Legs, a server-wide announcement will state the beginning of the festival. It will last until all the legs run out and Mimyo asks for more.

Head over to Malangdo (164, 130) and interact with the campfire. One Fresh Octopus Leg will be consumed, and you will be rewarded with 10x Donuts! You can get more after 30 minutes have passed.

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Try To Find the Taste of Hometown

Requirements: Base Level 20+
Starting Location: Payon (220, 112)

To continue with the festival events, head over to Payon (220, 112) and talk to Hyul. He will tell you that he wants to make his own flavor of rice cake soup and asks for your assistance. Help him gather all the ingredients he needs!

Once you've gathered all the ingredients, return to the Cauldron and Hyul will make Hyul's Special Rice Cake Soup. He will want to give it to his mother to sample, so tag along and witness the result! After witnessing the exchange between them, you will be rewarded with 1 Lucky Bag and 5 Hanbok bags.

After completing this quest, you can visit Hyul again and get another Hanbok bag every time you hand over 2 Rice Cakes. You can also visit the Cauldron every day for another chance to make more of Hyul's Special Rice Cake Soup.

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