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Race to 150 Event!
There was some confusion regarding the Event Rules for the Race to 150. So we started a new event and are going to clarify further.

1. The first 10 characters on each server to get to 150 are the winners for each race!

2. Prize is a Hall of Honor Interview between you (with friends present) and the GM team. It will get posted on our Website.
1 Article of equipment that you used to level to 150 will be upgraded to +11.

Race #1 : Get to 150. You only need to get to 150 as fast as possible after being a Trans character. All veteran characters likely fall into this category and we have some already well into the 100s.

Race #2 : Get to 150 on a new character. Only characters created after your server gets Renewal are eligible.
You must go new -> 99 -> Trans 99 -> 3rd class 150.

Ymir and Valkyrie will have both races (total 20 winners on each server)
Yggdrasil will only have the Race #2. (10 Winners)