Ragnarok Online - Events - Triple Spawns and No Death Penalty!
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Triple Spawns and No Death Penalty!
From November 4 - 11 we are going to try a new event for Ragnarok Online.

Einbech Mine and Kiel Hyre Robot Factory will have Triple the normal spawn rate. This can help you get to 120!

On Ymir and Yggdrasil we are disabling the Death penalty too, so be aggressive and perhaps a little careless this week to try out your potential.

Since the Kafra gals see a potential for much falling over this week, and always being eager to help we have a special sale on Tokens of Siegfried!

Premium: 150 for a box of 20
Valkyire: 175 for a box of 20.

Also the Dungeon Teleport scrolls have Kiel Hyre Robot factory added to its destinations!