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Happy Holidays Ragnarok Style!
Holidays are here! On December 16th we have put in part one of Rune Midgards Holiday celebration!

The celebration is expected to last from December 16 - January 2011, with more being added as we go. We have much to celebrate!

Old Santa Claus in Prontera, Payon, Geffen, Morroc Ruins, or Juno has much concern, he has spent much effort trying to "fix" the mean Teddy Bears of Ein Mine, and he thought he succeeded! But alas they were playing old Nick for a fool, and ran off with his diary ledgers of all the kids in the world. Those ledgers were Santa's way of keeping track of the kids behavior, and now the Bears have them, and they have ran off all over Rune Midgard. Knock the stuffing out of a Xmas Teddy Bear, and bring the Kid's Diary to Santa and get rewarded for being a good kid!

Everyone celebrates this holiday in Rune Midgard, even the real and pretend Witches! Search out a "Strange Box" in Prontera to start your quest to find your own little "White Christmas Friend".

part II coming soon, so check back!