Ragnarok Online - Events - Happy Holidays part II !
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Happy Holidays part II !
We will keep the holidays going unitl January 6th 2011! See Christmas part I as well!.
  • 30% bonus points when converting WP Energy to Kafra points!
  • Holiday Pack is available to get neat items! And if you don't want some of what you get, you can turn them in to Grandma Boxter in Prontera to get Brownie points which can be redeemed for more Lucky Boxes! More items than ever can converted, so your Kafra points get you more chances to get just what you want!
  • Lowered EXP loss on death.
  • All monsters will drop the same stuff regardless of your level.
  • Santa Porings, Crystals and Antonios are now roaming around with the Teddy Bears on the Field Maps.
  • In Lutie, you can create a Mini-Christmas Tree Hat, during the holiday season if it is +9 or higher you can get +100% exp from hunting monsters. Snow Man in Ice Dungeon 3 loves these hats, if you have one he will give you a hunt quest to hunt the massive numbers of Ice Titans in his dungeon; available for lvl 70 and up.
  • An injured lover and his fiance want nothing more for Christmas than to have the perfect wedding. I'm sure in the season of giving you can help them. Go to Hugel and search the 2nd floor of the market and share in "Etoille" story.
  • Get Married in Lutie by Santa!
  • Talk to the Worried Distribution Staff in Lutie to help clear up the delivery bottleneck inside the special Toy Factory dungeon!
  • WoE will not occur from 12/22 through 12/29, the Treasure will not be available then as well, but dungeon access will be available. This is the Christmas Peace Time
Have a wonderful holiday season!