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New Year for new adventurers!
Starting off a brand new year, and we like to do it with new friends and reliving what we remember as our fond adventures. We hope that the new adventurers will find joy in going to Ayothaya and pursuing the ever elusive Leaf Cat and Friends.

Adventurers between level 40-80 can take on the hunt for Leaf cats in Ayothaya field. You can choose to hunt 150 Leaf Cats to get a good reward back!

Also in the Kafra Shop we have a lovely Leaf Cat Hat, that not only is adorable but pretty useful if you decide to journey to Ayothaya between now and February 3rd.

For those a little more advanced we also have the Baby Dragon Hat that enhances the Dragon Hunts. There are Petits that are spawning in massive quantities west of Geffen. The Authorities have gotten together and decided to offer adventurers of at least level 50 and no more than 90 to hunt both Ground and Flying Petits.

Journey forth to Geffen Field 6 and 8 to participate in the Hunt. The Baby Dragon hat that the Kafra gals have will allow you more benefit from the hunting.

Their are rumors that next week the higher level dragons will also need to have organized hunting parties formed, the authorities are working on it now.

**** Breaking News ****
The Eden Group has decided to support these happenings as well. Visit any of the Eden Group personel in towns. .

Inside those qualified adventurers can speak to the Hunter and be sent directly to the Hunting Ground! So Eden group and Butterfly Wings are your best friends for getting to those Hunting grounds quickly!