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Finalized List of the Race to 150 winners!
We had 2 races that started in October 2010 and concluded on January 20, 2011. Each server had 2 races, one raced was from 99 Trans -> 150, the other was from a Novice created after Renewal Launch to 99 Trans -> 150!

Below are the list of the final winners and class.
Ymir: 99 Trans -> 150
Lord Jer Rune Knight
Tritoch+ Sura
+Cheza+ Arch Bishop
Maelath Royal Guard
Kevinluuuuuu_au Warlock
Sinclaire_I Geneticist
Lambomb Geneticist
Pizza Hut! Geneticist
Dini` Shadow Chaser
:+: oz :+: Sorcerer
Valkyrie: 99 Trans -> 150
Zero Rieu Rune Knight
Alexmon!! Rune Knight
yomogi mochi Royal Guard
Wapper Jaw Sura
Demi-God Rune Knight
Impound Rune Knight
Sanoobie Rune Knight
Ghetto Geneticist
Gee-Gee Sorcerer
Haxu` Shadow Chaser
Ymir: Novice -> 99 Trans -> 150
Woojung. Ranger
Old Snake Shadow chaser
Exdeath Royal Guard
Seryn Sorcerer
Hero Royal Guard
Friends Forever. Shadow Chaser
^Asuki^ Genetic
yu-ri Shadow Chaser
...R0n1n... Genetic
Boyd~Kao Shadow Chaser
Yggdrasil: Novice -> 99 Trans -> 150
billy' Warlock
Billy Sorcerer
Kehei Mechanic
Samarium Royal Guard
billy* Sura
Monky Sura
Valkyrie: Novice -> 99 Trans -> 150
.VaIkyrie. Sorcerer
Limitless76 Ranger
Beautiful Girl? Mechanic
CybeIe Sura
Triki@ Rune Knight
SlowTurtle Arch Bishop
Spicy Meatball Rune Knight
Everyone should be proud of their accomplishments, and to commemorate the occasion we will eventually do a group interview with all the winners, and post it in our Hall of Honor!