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Where in the world is Reily, O'Leprechan?
Attacked... Taken away... Send help... beware Viper..

These words were scrawled on the Scrap of evidence that a wandering adventurer discovered and turned in several days ago. The "Bureau" has placed Agent York in charge of discovering who is in danger. Currently Agent York is investigating in Payon, your help is requested by the Bureau to provide the muscle of this investigation.

If you choose to take on this mission please note that you will be in dangerous territory investigating for more Scraps of Evidence to pin down the location and nature of this incident. Only adventurers level 60 or higher should apply for recruitment to cut down on resurrection costs.

The areas you will be investigating is overrun by agents of V.I.P.E.R., please use this map to focus your investigation once you have been recruited.

Please note any coins you find should be picked up and held onto until this mystery is cleared up. If they are related to the Scraps of Evidence it is likely that the owner would appreciate them back.

Likely if we can solve this case and recover most of the Coins we will hold a Grand Celebration when this is all over, doubling the Experience gain across the land from April 1 - 8th, sponsored by PlaySpan!

Of course the Kafra gals designed some great replicas of the famous O'Reillys style, and are offering them out until March 31st now if only O'Reilly would finally arrive and approve the designs.

The St Patricks Hat Box, and the 4 Leaf Clover in Mouth Box have your Green Spirit ready to go!