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HD upgrades have been enhanced!
Mighty Hammer in Payon is now the exclusive Blacksmith for using HD Ores like HD Elunium, HD Oridecon, HD Carnium and HD Bradium. But more than that; he has been working on his bedside manner when dealing with apprehensive upgraders. He is more informative, yet to the point than ever before!

Speak to Mighty Hammer in Payon near 160 120:
He will describe what he is able to do with the HD ores.

You must have a +7 Gear to start him upgrading.
He will describe the riskiness of the upgrade attempt of that particular item so you can double check you are upgrading the right item.

Choose HD Ore and the upgrade attempt will be made.
If you pass it is +1
If you fail it is -1

You immediately re-enter the dialogue about the current item and are given an option to attempt to upgrade again!

Even IF the item falls below +7 you can keep making attempts; as long as you do not stop the dialogue repeating.

So the only way to stop the upgrade attempts are:
  • Choose to "Please Stop"
  • Run out of zeny
  • Run out of the Appropriate HD Ore
  • Reach +10
  • Dialogue times out
Please be sure you have plenty of the ore on hand, as you cannot trade/buy while in the upgrade dialogue.

Best of all is when upgrading with the HD Carnium and Bradium your item CANNOT fall below +10. 10 is a safe level for him, so a failure only results in the item staying 10.