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Easter Time Events

We are celebrating the Easter Holiday season from April 21 through May 5th, several special events and sales will be made available to help you celebrate with us!

We have a sale on the Blessing Scrolls &

the Token of Siegfried 20 Boxes

Shocola the Chocolate master is having a problem with Thieves in Alberta, maybe some of you can help her out and make a new friend in the process!

Easter wouldn't be the same if the Church of Prontera didn't assist adventurers by providing the Blessing of Holy Egg Service. Sister Nerlen near Prontera Church can provide you with an egg, but you need to bring:

  • White Herb
  • Green Herb
  • Yellow Herb
  • Holy Water
  • Egg

Of course many adventurers are trying to become stronger so they can fight against the evil of the world, and for those a few special Turn-in quests have been made available by the Eden Group to assist in just that endeavor. These Eden Group Turnins will be available until May 5th as well, and if you have VIP status you can talk to the Eden Group's VIP Service Knight to get a direct warp to your Turnin plus extra EXP when you do the Turnin!

  • South of Juno : Harpy Hunt
    Available Levels 70-95
    Harpy Spawn is doubled in South Juno and South East Juno Fields.
  • West Comodo Cave : Medusa Hunt
    Available Levels 90-120
    Medusa Spawn is doubled.
  • Thor Volcano lvl 2 near floor 1 entrance: Kasa Hunt
    Available Levels 120 - 150
    Kasa Spawns on Floor 1 are doubled.

Have a Happy Easter Time!