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USRC Signups are now officially open!
USRC signups are finally open!

Please visit our USRC 2011 landing page for rules, items and scheduling!

When we have the USRC game client fully tested and prepared we will post the link here in this notice. With it you can login to Sakray and make up characters to test builds and practice for the USRC that will happen June 11.

To access USRC Sakray you will absolutely need to download the new USRC Sakray. This client will also be used in future tournaments as well. Prior Sakray clients will not work due to some changes with renewal.

Be sure you install the Sakray client to a completely different folder than your normal RO client. The files in this are not compatible with the normal game client.

Download via FTP: USRC_Sakray_Installer-201104281712.exe
SHA-1 Hash: 407505FD92BBBE4BE12C94F7BE421A5F8DD8357C