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Overlook Water Dungeon Discovered!

As the water drips from the cave ceiling collecting into the ever deepening pools of water on the floor; your party wonders if entering this underground labyrinth, The Overlook Water Dungeon was a wise adventuring decision, when a lone Vadon is spotted.

Thinking that this would be no problem the experienced thief in the party moves in to attack; combat ensues and does not go so easily for our thief, help is needed to end this Vadon! The challenges in the "Overlook Water Dungeon" are meant to be taken on by parties in their Level 30 -75 range.

May 5th the dungeon will be uncovered West of Geffen, follow the river Northward to the Warning Sign. For the first week, May 5-12 all adventurers may enter as long as they are level 30-75 and in a party of 2 or more! Be careful, logging out will cause you to return to your save point!

Starting May 12th the Eden group will have special Hunts available on each floor with a special prize to those that complete all 5 Hunts! Additionally on May 12 the dungeon will become VIP accessible only; alternatively those that wish to spend a Reset Stone may do so to gain 30 days access to the Overlook Water Dungeon. If you outlevel the dungeon while inside you can continue to battle there, but if you leave you won't be able to re-enter, so be sure you prepare for the long haul!

Below is a List of the Water Monsters you will face in the Dungeon!

Overlook Water Dungeon
Aged Hydra Aged Plankton Aged Kukre Aged Marina Aged Vadon
HP: 4270 Lvl: 34
Exp: 699
Job: 789
HP: 6160 Lvl: 40
Exp: 1002
Job: 1125
HP: 5555 Lvl: 42
Exp: 945
Job: 1062
HP: 6045 Lvl: 42
Exp: 1020
Job: 1143
HP: 6260 Lvl: 45
Exp: 1026
Job: 1158

Aged Marse Aged Cornutus Aged Marine Sphere Aged Phen Aged Obeaune
HP: 7280 Lvl: 47
Exp: 1167
Job: 1314
HP: 7250 Lvl: 48
Exp: 1107
Job: 1242
HP: 9620 Lvl: 51
Exp: 1338
Job: 1509
HP: 9815 Lvl: 52
Exp: 1338
Job: 1509
HP: 10,790 Lvl: 53
Exp: 1428
Job: 1602

Aged Marc Aged Sword Fish Aged Deviace Aged Merman Aged Strouf
HP: 12,610 Lvl: 56
Exp: 1575
Job: 1770
HP: 13,000 Lvl: 57
Exp: 1575
Job: 1770
HP: 15,675 Lvl: 60
Exp: 1974
Job: 2220
HP: 14,700 Lvl: 60
Exp: 1848
Job: 2076
HP: 15,260 Lvl: 61
Exp: 1878
Job: 2115

As we go we will take feedback on if this is too hard, or too easy and how to best improve the monster behavior to make a more enjoyable and challenging Dungeon Exploring time! More dungeons will be made like this for higher leveled play, this is the first try at this sort of content and we will build on this experiencee with our players!