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A mother’s love

We celebrate Mothers Day in Ragnarok Online, not with clumsily cooked breakfasts in bed and flowers but with Adventure!

Starting on May 5th and running until the 19th, this quest will have you tracking down a lost daughter and fighting for the cause of true love.

In the once great city of Morroc, a love-struck young man needs help to reunite with his friend and love, Lenore.

They met before the destruction of the city and were separated when the city was destroyed by the demon Satan Morocc. She left to join her mother adventuring across the world and hasn’t been heard from since.

Her mother is a warrior of legendary courage, and won’t let just anyone ask for her daughter’s hand in marriage. Adventurers will be tasked with not only finding her daughter but to win the approval of a very stubborn (and scary) parent.

Local adventurers of any level should seek out Steven Heartfelt in the shopping district of Morroc, and help make this Mother’s day one to remember!