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Special Events you want to participate in!

In celebration of their new Kafra shop offerings they have convinced the powers that be, to allow all monsters the world over to drop the maximum number of items that fate will allow, regardless of the adventurer's level! This means one more week of awesome Item hunting potential until May 19!

The Overlook Water Dungeon is updated with its turnin quests for levels 30-75 adventurers. Completing them will not only get great exp but also some gear and upgrading materials to help the new adventurer enter into the market! Don't forget the Eden group has great quests to earn free equipment too!

Mother's Day quest continues until May 19 as well, so take the opportunity to level up by helping out on a simple quest to journey around the world!

We also have a special item effect working until June 16th. If you acquire a Red Pirate Bandana from the Kafra gals, you can get bonus exp from monster hunting!

Don't forget USRC is next month, and Sakray is open as a pre-Renewal server to help you practice for the event, plenty of spots are open so sign your team up today!

There are also some great new Kafra Shop items that make buying your favorites faster and easier, plus you can share the boxes with friends if you want to give a gift!