Ragnarok Online - Events - Grandma Boxter Returns to the Eden Group!
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Grandma Boxter Returns to the Eden Group!

The ever loved Grandma Boxter has come around again, and this time she not only brought lots of Brownie points to exchange for Lucky Boxes, but she also brought a new Trick in that humongous Grandma purse.

Grandma Boxter is sitting Comfortably in a chair on the 2nd floor of the Eden Group; she plans to remain there until June 2nd.

She will happily take some of your unwanted Lucky Box winnings, and convert them to Brownie points, she can take 1000 Brownie points into 1 more Lucky Box!

  • Red Wing Hat Box 500
  • Gemini Crown 400
  • Gemini Diadem 400
  • Kafra Blosom Card 500
  • Piggy Bank 400
    or Free Upgrade to +5
  • Popcorn_Hat Hat 400
    or Free Upgrade to +5
  • Slotting Advertisement 300
  • Spirit Auger 300
  • MVP Hunting Box 300
  • Pty Assumptio Scroll 13
  • Pty Increase Agi Scroll 20
  • Pty Blessing Scroll 20

And of course her new Trick is to give you a free and guaranteed upgrade to +5 to a gear of your choice. It doesn't matter what upgrade level the item is currently at, as long as the item can be upgraded and is currently less than +5 she will make it happen!