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The Summoner is Back in Town!

Have you ever wanted to stand toe to claw/tentacle with one of Rune Midgard’s powerful boss monsters? Tired of waiting for the GMs to have a town invasion or schlepping around a dungeon to find one? Well adventurers, your wait is over.

This week we are announcing the return of a much requested event: MVP Summoning! From May 26 Through June 9th anyone can participate in the summoning. It may be a good idea to Brush up on your MVPing skills as we hear the MVPs are starting to hit the Gym to get tougher!

Players can travel to Geffen tower and exchange etc items to call a boss for them to fight. Perhaps you want to punish Evil Snake Lord for crowding up that map during the St. Patrick’s day event or have a nice chat with Dracula, then get yourself a party together and get ready for a fight.

You can enter Geffen’s tower to join in the event. In addition VIP subscribed members will be able to be warped directly from the Eden Group HQ. Once you have summoned a MVP, a 23 hour cooldown timer will be added to your character and everyone helping you so Rune Midgard doesn’t run out of monsters. So gather some of your bravest friends, and your sharpest sharp things and prepare for battle against the biggest baddies around! If you are summoning, please speak to the summoner first, if you are helping another player make sure to talk to the Wisp first.

After the event is over, we will negotiate with the Summoners to see if they wish to stay on to offer continuous challenge to our VIPs.

Update! Here is a list of the MVPs availible to be summoned and the items needed.

MVPs Summoning itemsNumber of items
Golden Thiefbug Ora Ora 2
Garm Fang of Hatii 2
Stormy Knight Aqua Marine
Mystic Frozen
Baphoment Yggdrasilberry
Evil Horn
Drake Skel Bone
Dark Lord Skel Bone
Live Coal
Pharoah Broken Pharoah Emblem 2 2
Evil Snake Lord Grave Keeper's Sword 2
Amon Ra Fragment of Rossata Stone 2
Eddga Tiger Skin 2
Maya Mother's Nightmare 1
Phreeoni Ant Jaw 2
Mistress Rough Wind 4
Moonlight Flower Punisher 1
Osiris Hand of God 1
Doppelganger Contorted Self-Portrait 5
Turtle General Broken Shell 50
Lord of Death Piece of Shield 2
Dracula 3carat Diamond 2
Incantation Samurai Dark Mask 10
Orc Lord Heroic Emblem 3
Orc Hero Heroic Emblem 3
Detarderous Fire Dragon Scale 2
Lady Tanee Tropical Banana 2
White Lady Black Hair
Crystal Mirror
Tao Gunka Gemstone 2
Hell Apocalypse Cogwheel
Metal Fragments
RSX 0806 Battered Kettles
Used Iron Plate
Egnigem Cenia Old Blue Box 3
Ktullanux Ice Scale 2
Fallen Bishop 3carat Diamond 2
Gopinich Old Violet Box 4
Gloom Under Night Blade Lost in Darkness 2
Kiel D-01 Pocket Watch 2