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Dig Up the Past with iRO's 8th Anniversary Quest!

Today we begin our celebration of iRO's 8th Anniversary, and give our appreciation to the new and longtime players who have made this event possible.For this event, we have cooked up a quest that we hope you will enjoy, which runs from June 9th, 2011 until July 14th. Players level 70 and above can participate and unlock Rune-Midgart's buried secrets.

In the most ancient of times, the kingdoms of Louyang, Ayothaya and Kunlun were but small villages barely able to hold back the tide of creatures surrounding them. Realizing that their communities could not survive the constant loss of their warriors, the three nations formed a defense pact. Their bravest warriors and most skilled magicians gathered together to figure out how to clear their lands of monsters.

After years of war, the battle hardened veterans struck onto a plan to clear out the majority of their enemies. The magicians would create enchanted rune stones that can absorb draw in and trap monsters within, and the warriors would act as the lure. It took weeks of fighting and the sacrifices of hundreds to mob up and seal the majority of the monsters away.

When the dust cleared from the battlegrounds, the ancient heroes could finally set about building up their homelands into mighty nations. Three rune stones were buried underneath their respective towns and a fourth was rumored to have made its way across the ocean to an unknown location in Rune-Midgards along with a legendary treasure.

Yggdrasil Crown Ingame image

Zella and Einrich Lambretta are two archaeologists from a long line of wealthy Alberta merchants, seeking to make their name by finding the lost treasure of the three kingdoms.

Zella Einrich

They have hired dig crews and have secretly begun excavating suspected sites.

Unwittingly, the recovery of the first three rune stones broke the seal that had locked in the monsters that had been sealed up so many years before. Though many of the Morroc-born dig crew were former members of the continental guard and no strangers to catastrophe, they were unable to stop the flood of creatures that escaped from their magical prisons.

Interested treasure-seekers should speak to the rambling old man walking the streets of East Prontera to begin the quest. As the last reports from the dig crews reported more powerful versions of local monsters swarming around, it is also recommended that you go as a group.

Old Man Location in Prontera

The Lambretta siblings lost all contact with their employees and need the help of some dedicated adventurers to re-establish contact with the dig teams and help recover any uncovered relics.