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The Sign & Geffenia Dungeon
Significance of The Sign
In September 2003, Gravity Corporation held a rousing offline contest entitled `Be a Part of Ragnarok Development,` in which the winner would have the chance to make a direct contribution to actual RO game development. Over a period of fourteen days, enthusiastic gamers submitted a total of 5,856 quest scenarios. At long last, the winning entry, `The Sign,` will now be introduced to iRO.

Characters over Level 50 will get the chance to explore the mystery of the power sealed by the Geffen Tower and Geffen Fountain. The quest begins simply enough with various NPCs requiring appeasement with the offering of items. But progressing through the quest will bring more complicated challenges where you`ll race against time, collect items according to your own judgement, compete in a Quiz Challenge, and even take a rhythm test inspired by DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). Unlike previous quests, The Sign will be a subjective quest in which the outcome will be dependent on the choices that you make.
New Geffenia Dungeon
A faithful adaptation of the land featured in Myung-Jin Lee`s original
comic, Geffenia is a one level, subterranean dungeon illuminated
with ethereal, holy light. Although ancient relics are strewn across
its landscape, Geffenia will for the most part be a wide, open expanse
divided into four districts which meet in the center at `Kvasir`s Orb.` The
key to gaining access to this dungeon is the `Lucifer Lament,` an item
that can only be obained by completing The Sign quest.

The new Geffenia Dungeon is intended to provide a new challenge
for the mighty Transcendent Class characters. The monsters inhabiting Geffenia will be much stronger than those that frequent other dungeons and will include Succubus, Incubus, Violy, False Angel, Mini Demon, Abysmal Knight, Bloody Knight, Mysteltainn and Executioner.