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Transcendent Classes update(2)-1

Transcendence through Reincarnation [The Transcendent Class System]
You must restart everything in order to become an advanced class character
To gain access to the transcendent class, you must start anew. These classes are variations of previous classes with the exception of greater power and access to new skills. Undertaking this journey
toward transcendence is not easy. To take this path toward transcendence,
your character will be reborn into a Novice.
To become a transcendent class character, you must meet the following three requirements:
1. You must be level 99
2. You must have a job level of 50
3. You must be one of the 2nd advanced classes

For those who have reached level 99, the opportunity to gain greater power represents a formidable but rewarding challenge to ascend to new heights.
Here is an overview of the transcendent class characters
2-1 Class Transcendent Class Information
Knight Lord Knight Increased physical attack strength
Assassin Assassin Cross Upgraded cloaking skills and dodge rate
Hunter Sniper Upgraded long range attack skills
Priest High Priest Upgraded buff skills
Wizard High Wizard Upgraded offensive magic skills
Blacksmith Master Smith Ability to forge multiple items with various different metals
2-2 Class Transcendent Class Information
Crusader Paladin Ability to use the power of God
Rogue Stalker Upgraded cloaking skills and immunity to detection abilities
Bard Minstrel Upgraded ensemble skills
Dancer Gypsy Upgraded ensemble skills
Monk Champion New combo attack skills
Alchemist Biochemist Ability to create new potions
Sage Scholar Skills that affect SP amount and SP use
Go to Valkyrie to Become Transcendent
Embark on your journey by speaking with Metheus Sylphe. He will allow you to read The Book of Ymir for 1,285,000 zeny. After reading, you will then be ready to meet Valkyrie. Before you meet Valkyrie, you must NOT carry items or zeny. If you do carry items or zeny when you meet her, the rebirth process cannot be completed.
▲Head off to Juno ▲ Talk to this guy
▲ Read The Book of Ymir ▲The cost of reading is 1,285,000 zeny
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