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Transcendent Classes update
Chosen warriors! A New Challenge Awaits You!
For those who have conquered every challenge in
Rune-Midgarts, another still remains.
To be god-like you must undergo the ultimate test
of skill and will.
Transcending above mere mortals is no feat for the weak
at heart!
The transcendent class jobs are only available to those
who will accept this challenge.
Heroes with a base level of 99 and a job level of 50
in the second job class may seek out Valkyrie -
the guardian angel of the Transcendent Class
who will guide them towards the path of transcendence.

Origin of Transcendent Classes: ‘Book of Ymir`
According to ancient legend, as Ragnarok - the end of the world,
comes near valkyries will seek from the realm of humans great heroes…
These heroes will pass beyond mortality and be guided by valkyries
to the hallowed halls of honor - Valhalla.
From the halls of Valhalla, they would be sent back to earth to be reborn, to start their lives anew so that they may train to realize their destinies as gods among insects.
This tale of legend was passed down from generation to generation.
It was originally unearthed by scholars from Juno in the deepest part of Juperos in a tome called
`Book of Ymir.`
  Trans 2-1 classes   - Click on a Character -
  Lord Knight 1 / 2 | High Wizard 1 / 2 | Sniper 1 / 2 | MasterSmith 1 / 2 | Assassin Cross 1 / 2 | High Priest 1 / 2
  Trans 2-2 classes
  Paladin | Scholar | Minstrel , Gypsy | Biochemist | Stalker | Champion
Benefits of Transcendent Classes
Transcendent class characters are by far the most powerful. Choosing the path towards transcendence will reset your character to a Novice. When beginning again as a Novice, only the basic novice skills will be retained. Skills such as those obtained in the first job will no longer be available. In addition, each stat will be reset to 1 and you will be given 100 stat points to allocate. Until the first class, you will go through the same process that you underwent as a normal character. For example, if you were a wizard, your path is set towards become a transcendent class wizard?a more powerful incarnation of the first. As you progress in level again, when you reach the first job class you will automatically regain the additional skills without having to complete the required quest.

Only the pure of heart can transcend their limits!