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Wedding Skill Update

Don`t hesitate, pop the big question to the one you love!
Prepare your Tuxedo, Wedding Dress, Wedding Veil and Bouquet and when you`re ready, talk to the Wedding Staff in the Prontera Sanctuary to apply for the Wedding ceremony. Wise and benevolent King Tristram III will act as officiator and give you his personal blessing at your wedding. Invite your friends to your wedding just like a real one! Just remember, after the ceremony, you and your partner won`t be able to fight for an hour.

Once married, both the Bride and Groom will have a Wedding Ring in their Item Inventories.
They can use the following skills when both of them equip their Wedding Rings. 
Skill Name
Loving Touch
Consume 10% of one`s HP to restore 10% of your partner`s HP.
Undying Love
Consume 10% of one`s SP to restore 10% of your partner`s SP.
Romantic Rendezvous
Summon your spouse to where you are located.
`Romantic Rendezvous` requires its caster to wear a Wedding Ring.
While the Wedding Ring is equipped, spouses can summon their partners to their locations by consuming 150 SP. This skill requires 20 seconds for it to cast, and does not have any delay after it is used. However, it is not allowed to use this skill in certain areas, such as Guild War zones.

Wedding Ring has the following attributes.
1. Wedding Rings cannot be sold, dropped, vended or traded.
2. Wedding Rings will always stay in the Item Inventory or Equipment Window.
3. When trading with NPCs, Wedding Ring will not show in the Trade Window.
4. It is impossible to put the Wedding Ring into the Cart or player Trade Window.