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Payon Remodeling: Check out the Differences!
Originally designed as a small village, Payon has now been expanded and redesigned to better fit its image in the "Ragnarok - Into the Abyss" comics.

| New Features

It will now be possible to move to the Guild Dungeon from Payon.
The addition of many new buildings and embellishments will
add to Payon`s atmosphere, which is inspired by traditional Korean villages.

| Changes of Trading NPCs

Payon was first created with only one outdoor Tool Dealer, but another Tool Dealer has been added inside one of the buildings for the convenience of players. The Item Upgrade NPC has now been moved outside so that users can enjoy watching other players upgrading their items.

| Meet People in the Tavern

The Payon Tavern provides a comfortable atmosphere where players can meet and mingle, encouraging more interaction in the user community.

| Magnificent and Beautiful Scenery

The Palace of Payon has been magnificently upgraded to welcome many of users at a time. Outside of the palace, you will see many small, yet beautifully built houses. More new features for Payon, following its expansion and reconstruction, are currently in development.

We hope you will drop by Payon to see what`s new.