Ragnarok Online - Updates - Global Project vol. 2 - Kunlun (Marriagesystem & SuperNovice)
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Global Project vol. 2 - Kunlun (Marriagesystem & SuperNovice)

Global Project vol. 2 - Kunlun

An exotic looking stranger arrived in Alberta and was escorted to Prontera. King Tristram III came to learn about the culture from where he came. The King ordered sailors to find out more about this place. Through the efforts of these sailors, a sea passage was opened. This sea passage is now traveled frequently by many people throughout the land.

About Kunlun

Kunlun is famous as a tourist attraction for its beautiful scenery. In Kunlun, people believe in a unique religion, and the existence of a hermit who has absolute power over the limitations of human existence. The people believe that anyone can become a hermit, an absolute being. Thus they strive to improve their souls to that end.

The Current Situation in Kunlun

Many inhabitants have become hermits, absolute beings. But, it`s commonly knowledge that there were evildoers among them who performed harmful acts even after becoming divine beings. Because of these malicious few, many horrible events began to take place. Neighboring nations near Kunlun were faced with a terrible predicament.

The Politics of Kunlun

The Emperor of Kunlun maintained a centralized administration. But now Kunlun is mainly governed by an independent judge. Separate from the centralized administration, the judge decides everything and has total control.

The Economy of Kunlun

The economy is run progressively by merchants. The economic power and information system of Kunlun is unmatched.

Accommodations in Kunlun

There is an inn called the "Dragon Inn" where travelers are able to take a break and rest in comfort. The establishment was formed by merchants.

| Carry your love into Ragnarok Online.

You can arrange a beautiful wedding ceremony complete with a tuxedo and wedding dress. Make sure you promise never-ending love to each other before you plan your marriage.
(Unfortunately, same sex marriages are not allowed)

| Pop the Question!

Pop the question to your beloved.
If you succeed in capturing your beloved`s heart, you may prepare marriage items such as a tuxedo, wedding dress, wedding veil and wedding bouquet. When you`re ready, register a wedding ceremony with the marriage helper at the Sanctuary in Prontera. Also, our majesty Tristram the 3rd, the king of Rune-Midgarts kingdom will officiate your wedding to celebrate the union. Invite all of your friends in Ragnarok and make your wedding happy with their blessings! (After the wedding, the married couple may not battle for 1 hour.)
| Couple Skills

After you and your beloved tie the knot, you will obtain wedding rings based on your gender. When you equip the ring, you will obtain special marriage skills:
[ Wedding Ring for Bride ]
Skill Name
Undying Love
Restores SP of a character`s husband by consuming 15% of one`s total SP amount.
Romantic Rendezvous
Summon your husband to your current location.
[ Wedding Ring for Groom ]
Skill Name
Loving Touch
Restores HP of a character`s wife by consuming 15% of one`s total HP amount.
Romantic Rendezvous
Summon your wife to your current location.
Romantic Rendezvous skill requires both bride and groom to equip their wedding rings. It consumes 150 SP to summon your partner. It takes 20 seconds to cast, however it does not have any delay after use. Also, it cannot be used in certain areas such as guild war area, etc.

| A Token of Your Never-Ending Love ? A Wedding Ring!

The wedding rings have the following traits:
1. Wedding rings cannot be sold, dropped, or traded.
2. Wedding Rings appear in your item window or equipment window.
3. When you attempt to sell or buy items from NPCs, your wedding ring will not appear in any window.
4. It is impossible to drop your wedding ring.
5. It cannot be transferred to a cart, therefore it is impossible to vend.
6. It cannot be put in trade windows.

| We are Super Novices!

Super Novice is an exceptional new class which advances from the Novice class at base level 45.
People who fell in love with the Novice class and do not want to change into the usual 1st class, may now become Super Novices.

| Specifics about the Super Novice

Different outfit from the normal novice
Super novice can level up their job level to 70
Super Novices are allowed to use most 1st class skills

| How to become a Super Novice

You must be a Novice that is at least base level 45.
undergoing a quest given by Tzerero in Al De Baran, you will have a chance to join the Ordinary People`s club. After that, you`re pretty much good to go!

| The Disadvantages to Being a Super Novice

1. you become a Super Novice, you are not allowed to change into a 2nd job class.
2. Super Novices still have the same HP/SP, equipment limitations and attack speed as the Novice class.
3. Has -1% EXP penalty when getting killed during battle.
4. [Play Dead] skill cannot be used by the Super Novice class.
5. Bows and two-handed swords are not allowed for Super Novices.
젨 (Super Novices cannot learn Double Strafe and Two-Handed Sword Mastery)

| The Secret Lore of Rune-Midgard

Supposes that the Super Novice has 5 secrets:

Secret 1. Super Novice has its own level up Angel
When leveling-up, this Guardian Angel is different from those of the other classes.
She may cast a random skill including, Kyrie Eleison, Magnificat, Gloria, Suffragium or Impositio Manus on the Super Novice.

Secret 2. [Doridori] commands restore HP/SP two times faster
A super novice insists that head-shaking supposedly speeds up his SP restoration.

Secret 3. Guardian Angel casts Mental Strength on Super Novices
According to hearsay, when a Super Novice`s HP reaches 0, their Guardian Angel may appear to refill his HP. She may also cast Mental Strength.

Secret 4. A strange phenomenon when the Super Novice`s EXP reaches increments of 10% such as, at 10.0%, 20.0% - 80.0%, 90.0%.
During these times the Super Novice has been rumored to summon his Guardian Angel for help, but unfortunately, nobody knows for sure how to summon the Guardian Angel.

Secret 5. If a Super Novice can manage to avoid even a single death...
Something special will be given to the Novice. However, nobody has accomplished this amazing feat.