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Juno Update Infomation

Juno Update Information
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A part of Juno, the forgotten era (Ragnarok Episode 5) has been implemented.
Juno Town, dungeons, fields have been added.
Monster placement in fields, and dungeons have been changed.
2nd alternative (or 2-2) jobs have been implemented.
Cute Pet status windows have been upgraded with cute pet illustrations.
Guilds cannot attack the emperium in an allied guild castle, and allied guilds cannot attack each other during siege time.
During a castle siege, if guild A is in guild B’s castle and both A and B guilds allie together, guild A will immediately be removed out of the guild castle and return to their save points.
During siege time, magic attacks will cause less damage to players.
During siege time, ranged attacks will cause less damage to players.
During siege time, Guardians and the Emperiums will not be affected by skills that push them back.
During siege time, players who have been killed will not receive damage for 10 seconds.
During siege time, Traps will last 4 times longer then normal.
Treasure Boxes in guild castles will not be affected by the Steal skill.
Item descriptions have been modified.
Elder Willow and Scorpion have been changed to aggressive monsters.
Stats of certain monsters have been updated.
Boss monsters have become more powerful.
A missing description MDEF + 7 ability of the new item, Megingjard has been added and corrected.
One slot has been added on some Book Class items such as Book / Tablet / Bible / Girl’s Diary. This update is not applied on books which contain properties.
New accessory items such as Megingjard / Brisingamen will have character level requirements.
The defense rate of Sleipnir has been updated from 0 to 1.
Items that are randomly generated by `Dead Branch` or `Old Blue Box` etc have had their randomization increased.
Monster type; Small Thief Bug has been changed from Neutral to Insect.
The description of Heart Hairpin’s equipment location has been corrected from lower to upper.
A missing description of Ragamuffin Manteau, trait indestructible has been added.
Novice class cannot equip high level weapons such as Damascus from now on.
Certain Book weapon strengths have reduced but have increased in slots.
Book : Weapon damage reduced to 85 : The numbers of slot increased from 1 to 3 Bible : Weapon damage reduced to 115 : The numbers of slot increased from 1 to 2 Tablet : Weapon damage reduced to 125 : No change on the slot number
Attack speed of Knight has increased when using two handed axe and two handed mace.
Attack speed of Thief has increased when using bow.
Attack speed of Priest / Acolyte when using bare hands has been changed to the same as other classes.
Attack speed of Blacksmith has slightly increased when using a mace.
Attack speed of Wizard has slightly increased when using dagger or rod.
Accuracy rate of Mummy has been decreased.
Mummy now has reduced accuracy rate, EXP given by the monster has been modified.
EXP and Job EXP given by Sandman have been increased in proportion to it’s attack strength and level.
Weight of healing items as all kinds of potions, herbs, fruits has been low down.
Weight of the Holy Water item has been lowered.
The price of Pet Food has been change to 1,000 zeny.
All item requirement descriptions have been specified and corrected.
Shortcut key windows have been upgraded. Using the F12 key, players can set up a maximum of 3 shortcut key windows.
Power-Thrust for Blacksmith will have a 1% chance of destroying weapons.
Weapon Repair NPCs have been implemented in certain towns. Users can repair their damaged weapons through the NPCs.
The price of "General Items" have been changed to be more realistic.
Hode has changed to a non-aggressive monster and does not recognize magic casting any longer.
Stripe Hairpin trait; AGI + 3 has been removed. It cannot be upgraded.
Teleport skill effect has been upgraded.
Firecracker effects have been implemented in Comodo.
Angelus defense rate change. Provoke skills will show on the status windows.
Impositio Manus attack strength change, will show on the status windows.
1 second delay for Auto Follow function has been fixed.
Turtle dungeon 4, Butterfly Wing, Fly Wing and Teleport of Acolyte does not work anymore. Warp Portal is still enabled in that area.
Players wanting to return to a town from turtle dungeon 4, players must move to turtle dungeon 3.
Guild dungeons, non-allied guilds can Player Kill each other.
Kafra employee at the northern Prontera gate has been moved to inside of Prontera.
Casting effect for Find Stone, Stone Fling, Holy Light, Teleport, Neutral magic spell Casting, and Holy magic casting have been upgraded.
Certain Card abilities have been modified.
The level requirement for Novice Breastplate has been changed from lvl 50 to lvl 10.
Weight of IronOre has been reduced from 20 to 15.
EXP given by Turtle Island monsters has been updated.
An effect has been added to Thief Quest skill; Sand Attack.
While auto attacking a monster using CTRL + attack, users can check the name of other Objects such as items, monsters and other players.
Numbers of monsters spawn within an area has been modified.
Effect for skill [Heal] became varied into 3 kinds by the
HP amount recovered by the skill level.
Effect for using Crazy Uproar has been added.
Safety Wall effect has been upgraded.
Warp Portal effect has been upgraded.
Sanctuary effect has been upgraded.
Magnus Exorcismus effect has been upgraded.
Exit Game effect has been upgraded.
Town Portal effect has been upgraded.
When a monster starts its attacking motion, the monster will stop on that spot.
Warp Zone effect has been upgraded.
Character weapon sprites have been implemented. Players can now see their characters weapon while fighting.
/aura command has been added. (lvl 99 effect)
Range of Magnus Exorcismus will show on the players screen correctly.
( So far, only the range shown in the user screen has been reduced and the decrement does not affect on the skill duration or range)
Undead monsters will collapse on the ground when they have taken a great amount of damage.
( For instance, when a character cast Lex Aeterna on an evil druid and kills it with Turn Undead, the evil druid showed nothing. But from now on, the evil druid will collapse on the ground when dead and the damage it has taken will display on screen correctly. )
Players can purchase Glistening Coat Creation Guide and Condensed Potion Creation Guide from the Alchemist Guild.
Item Upgrade NPC will express emotions.
MVP system has been upgraded.
A character who does the second most damage can pick up items after 10 seconds, third character can do after 20 seconds and other characters can pick up MVP items after 22 seconds.
Effects for passive skills such as HP and SP recovery have been added.
PvP areas; Hunter class characters will have a chance to be frozen by their Freezing Traps.
Party members can pick up items when they hunt together regardless of the amount of damage they do.
Freezing Trap property has been updated from Earth to Water.
Blast Mine property has been updated from Fire to Wind.
Claymore Trap property has been updated from Earth to Fire.
Effects for Blind and Poison have been updated.
/showname command has been added. Users can change font or the character name alignment.
Exit Game effect will show when user exits to the character select screen.
Guild Castle Kafra employees will not provide a cart rental service.
Light column effect has been added on Glast Heim.
Vending skills while vending have conditions:
1. While trading or while receiving a trade request, merchant characters cannot
   use the Vending skill.
2. After opening a vending shop, it is impossible to request / receive a trade.
Kafra employees have been upgraded to show certain motions to players.
Light column effect has been added on Glast Hiem Church Yard.
Resurrection skill ability has been modified. Skill lvl - Casting Delay - Delay after a cast - HP amount when revived Lvl 1 – 6 sec – 0 sec - 10% Lvl 2 – 4 sec – 1 sec - 30% Lvl 3 – 2 sec – 2 sec - 50% Lvl 4 – 0 sec – 3 sec - 80% Leaf of Yggdrasil has the same ability as lvl 1 Resurrection.
Some of town soldiers have been upgraded to show certain motions to users.
Kyrie Eleison effect has been upgraded.
Magnum Break effect has been updated.
Players who spam the chat window will be automatically punished.
`/report ` command has been added 1) When using `/report` command, report folder will be created in Ragnarok game folder, and a txt file under the account name will be created inside the folder. 2) The txt file will record all the chat message just like the other command ‘/savechat’,
When being cursed, the moving speed of character will be decreased and damaged by the skill. Blessing or drinking a holy water will cure the character from curse.
The weapon level of Fortune Sword has been updated from level 3 to level 4.
The description for SP consumption for the Meteor Storm skill has been corrected. (Previous 30~74 -> Correct 20~64)
The weapon level of Wizardry Staff has been updated from level 3 to level 4.
The attack sound of dual dagger assassin has been updated.
When opening the party option window to organize a party and when accept a request to Join a party prompt was viewed, this caused the client to crash. This error has been fixed.
The location of guildsman will now show in as a pink triangle on the mini-map. Partied guildsman will show as a party member dot.
Arrow shot effect for Orc Archer / Kobold Archer monsters,etc have been updated.
Infinite defense when using Venom Dust and Detoxify at the same time has been fixed.