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Welcome to Dewata Island!

To visit Dewata Island, there is a sailor in Alberta who will transport them there for a fee: 10,000 zeny. Unfortunately airship routes are not yet availible. Once landing at Dewata's dock, the very brave can travel to Krakatau once they have the proper qualification. Those looking to take in the sights of Dewata can continue north from the dock to the center of town.

For those looking for relaxation, rustic lodge rentals are availible at the northeastern end of town, for honeymooners or traveler looking for a quiet getaway.To the west is the imposing stone pagoda known as Borobudur, crowned with snall shrines where visitors can make wishes for good fortune, ultimate power and so on. To the north of the town is a colonial era inn, displaying a mix of Dewata and continental architecture.

Jaty Village and Dewata Town

Just above the Borobudur complex is the path connecting the Dewata town and the village where the local Jaty Tribe live. They often keep to themselves, but will treat friendly visitors well.

Krakatau is a volcanic island off the coast of Dewata, accessible by boat. Covered in cooling lava, this terrain is recommended only for seasoned adventurers. Locals whisper of a legendary monster that roams the charred shores of Krakatau, known only as LEAK.

Krakatau Volcano

Hidden in a subterranean cave complex is Dewata’s second dungeon. This cavern is chock full of blood-thirsty creatures. The Dewata tourism bureau asks that travelers exercise caution when exploring unmapped passages.

Midgard adventurers who have scouted ahead have provided a short list of monsters that can be found in the Dewata area. Please use this guide to plan your excursions appropriately.The level range for the monsters most commonly encountered are between 80-90.

Photograph Description


Living deep in the bowels of dewata’s dungeon, these demonic creatures travel in numbers. Don’t let the cheerful smile fool you, they are quite serious (about eating you).


Though it has the same name, you are not likely to confuse this reptile predator with a friendly southern beach town! It does however like to roam volcanic areas.


This bird is legendary with the local Jaty tribe. It’s feathers have been used to create their ceremonial crowns for generations.


This spiny plant is no shrinking violet, but more like a very violent onion.


These will-o-wisp like creatures are one of a few kinds of fire spirits that infest the caves in the dewata area.


Information limited…explorers sent to find information about this boss creature on Krakatau Island have not reported back by the time of publication.

New Equipment from Dewata!

Defeat MVP Leaf for a chance.
An armor made with animal leather used by the Jaty tribe during battle.
Mdef +10.
Decreases 5% of attack damage from all monsters.
15% of additional tolerance to stun and freezing.
Class : Armor
Defense : 2
Weight : 50
Required Level : 1
Job : All except Novice

Help Mastersmith Gatti
A long time ago, the manufacturing process for the holy sword of the Jaty tribe in Dewata island disappeared, but it has been reproduced by Mastersmith Gatti again.
Matk +70.
Enable a 2% chance of gaining 10% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack.
Class : Dagger
Attack : 107
Weight : 70
Weapon Level : 3
Required Level : 30
Job : Swordman, Mage, Archer, Merchant, and Thief Classes; Soul Linker and Ninja
An additional enchant option is available from Gatti for this weapon.

Jaty Crown
Help Tribal Chief Paiko
A crown that only the person who receives the tribal honor of the Jaty Tribe can wear.
Decrease 5% of damage from animal and plant type monsters. Increases 5% of damage to animal and plant type monsters.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 1
Location: Upper
Weight : 10
Required Level : 1
Job : All