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Eden Group NPC Update!

Eden Group Introduction

The Eden group is here to help!

Some of you may have seen some newcomers to the streets of Rune Midgards, mysterious white haired novices with elven ears and light bulbs blinking above their heads. These helpful gals are representatives of the not so-mysterious Eden Group. For no charge, they will warp adventurers to the Eden Group headquarters, a useful clubhouse where players can pick up quests and access Kafra services.

In the wake of the destruction wrought by the demon Satan Morroc, the Eden Group is looking for volunteers to do good deeds around the world and will reward the brave with equipment and experience!

Starting from level 11, players can pick up level-appropriate missions from the Eden Group signposts. These can be completed by yourself or with a group, and serve as a good introduction for new adventurers to familiarize themselves with the monsters and locations in the game. The missions available through the mission boards range from monster hunting to item deliveries to remote locations.

In addition to these, there are quests offered based on character level that give the unique Eden Group equipment and weapons. It is greatly recommended for new players to do these quests, as they are a significant value over comperable NPC or monster dropped gear.

To get started working with the Eden Group, take the warp offered by the Eden Teleport Officer NPCs, and speak to Secretary Lime Evenor to register.

NPCs found in the Main Hall of the Eden Group HQ
Photograph Description
Secretary Lime-This dedicated administrator for the group is accepting applications for membership, and will give new members an eden mark, which they will need to any Eden Group Quest. She can be found behind the front desk across from the entrance.
Quest boards-The Eden Group posts various kinds of missions on these boards, from delivering items to far flung Group Members, collecting drop items and hunting down a lot of pesky monsters. These quests give exp and can be repeated. Missions are available for characters from level 1 to level 99.
Sprikle-She will award experience to adventurers once they have completed one of the quests from the mission board, though for some reason she will never turn around.
Instructor Boya-She can help Eden Group members who need weapons and armor. You can talk to her for quests where you hunt monsters for level appropriate gear rewards.
Aperture- This acolyte has some serious skills. For a fee, she can warp you from the Eden Group Headquarters to one of the major cities in RO. As she is not a Kafra Employee she will not accept the Free Kafra Teleport tickets. She can be found to the left of the front desk.
Merry Badger- Multiple quests in the game will reward the player with Eden Merit Badges, which can be traded to Merry for useful ingame rewards.
Primo d’Buffer-Despite creating quite a noise problem in the Eden Group room with his constant bell ringing, he will give a +7 buff to any characters with VIP status free of charge. The buff lasts for only thirty minutes so be sure to visit him often! He is located mid-way between the front desk and the entrance.
Cat Hand Agent-This slightly shady character is a representative of a group of feline merchants. For a 50,000z fee, the Cat Hand merchant group can offer an alternate way for adventurers to reach the New World.
Gen. R. Rick-This VIP services knight will provide free warps to event areas to VIP players, with transportation currently provided to the MVP summoner map, the Overlook Water Dungeon, and West Orc Village. Note: this NPC can exchange 3 days of access to Gramps, VIP warps, and buffs for two reset stones.
Eve Natalia will exchange MVP dropped items for random Safe to +7 certificates.
Gramps provides daily turn in quests and will transport VIPs instantly to the TI dungeons
NPCs found in the Eden Group Cafe
Photograph Description
Old Timer- This helpful soul will transport historically curious adventurers to Old Morroc or Old Payon.
The Chef will restore HP/SP, for a price.
The Eden Group Chef here will reward players for completing simple hunt missions with materials to cook +20 stat foods. They can then gift or sell them to their favorite biochemists.
Repairman Ted- though he is hiding in the back of the restaurant, this NPC offers repair services to adventurers with damaged gear.
Dally Quen provides a short daily quest that players can repeat every 24 hours. Each consecutive day you do the qeust for him you receive better and better prizes!
Getting started!

The Eden group offers free armor and class specific weapons for adventurers, from level 12 to level 70. You can find iROwiki's guide on these equipment quests at this link

Characters above level 70 would have to fend for themselves on the open market for their armor and weapons, but not anymore. New quests are available for even stronger gear from the Eden Group. click here for more details.