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Eden Group Daily and Equipment Quests
New Equipment Quests!

With this expansion of the Eden Group, Eden Group supervisors will be providing quests for high level Eden Group members to obtain gear. Instructor Ur in the Eden group has quests for characters levels 60+, 70+, 80+, 90+, and 100+.

He will dispatch players to complete missions in appropriately difficult areas. Once players have completed these quests, they will be eligible for free equipment and weapons that can be enhanced free of charge.

To begin the quest, you must be level 60 or above and have changed to your second class. Speak with Instructor Ur in the eden group.

He will direct players to speak with a different quest NPC based on his/her character level.

Level 60-69
The first level of advanced Eden quests takes place near to the northern entrance to the town.
Level 70-79
Glast Heim is site of the next level of quests.
Level 80-89
The map directly south of Smoggy Einbroch is the setting for this level quest.
Level 90-99
This quest requires the player to travel to the ice cave north of Rachel.
Level 100+
The Rune Midgard Expedition Camp is where you can pick up the highest level eden group equipment quests.

Once you have completed the quest that these NPCs give you, return to Ur and he will direct you to the equipment room. This can be reached by clicking the door in the main hall. You will be taken to the corridor that connects to the equipment room.

You can speak to the NPCs inside of the Equipment Room to receive eden group armor and a class specific weapon of your choice. You will also be able to enhance the weapon by talking to Weapons Expert BK.

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Once you have completed Inspector Ur's missions, you will be authorized to pick up your new Eden Group weapons from Blacksmith Thorn. He will give certain classes their choice of weapon, and can add random stat bonuses to the Eden Group armor items by bringing him some crafting materials. If you don't like the random enhancement you can try again the next day.


Once you have selected your class weapon from Thorn, you can take it to BK. Weapons Expert BK will add enchantments to your new eden group weapons, which can be selected by the player.

Three levels of enhancement are available. The first level is a boost to ATK or MATK, the second level is increatsed attack power versus a selectable monster type and the third level doubles the effect of the damage increase from the second level. make sure to have the weapon unequipped when speaking to BK.