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Introducing the Homunculus S!

Introducing the Homunculus S!

Geneticists the world over Rejoice as monsters tremble before the might of the newly acquired Homunculus S! Homunculus have been the stalwart ally of Alchemists and Biochemists for years, but wit hthe newly evolved power of monsters and the discovery of the 3rd classes the poor Homunculus could only hope to protect their masters for a few moments before being knocked out. Their underpowered selves really felt bad that they couldn't be stronger.

Geneticists Viorel and Jeyna have worked to discover further stable mutations that Homunculus could undergo to make them more battle ready, and today they have succeeded!

To be able to Mutate your Homunculus into a Homunculus S you must have the following requirements met.

  • You must be a Geneticist
  • Your Homunculus Must be Evolved into their 2nd form.
  • Homunculus must be at least level 99

Once you mutate your homunculus the form will completely change into the New "S" form. The Homuculus will remember ALL of its prior evolved form's skills. Note if you did not get the Evolved Loyalty Skill you will not be able to acquire it after Mutating. New Homunculus S skills will become available as your Homunculus reaches certain skill and level requirements.

Visit Viorel in the Geneticist Job Change area in Western Lighthalzen to procede! Remember to bring 50,000z to choose which form you want your Homunculus to evolve into.

Introduction to the new S Forms

Eira has wings like a fairy she specializes in Air attacks and has a high attack speed and regenerative abilities.
Eats : Small Snow Flower
  • Lvl 106 Eraser Cutter
  • Lvl 114 Over Boost
  • Lvl 121 Xeno Slasher
  • Lvl 128 Light of Regen
  • Lvl 137 Silent Breeze
Beyeri is the unicorn homunculus actively uses it's horns and feet to attack trampling enemies to inflict damage.
Eats : Fresh Plant
  • Lvl 105 Stahl Horn
  • Lvl 114 Golden Ferse
  • Lvl 121 Stein Wind
Sera has the form of Mistress but she battles loyally for you. She has many poison skills that can paralyze enemies and can even summon bees to fight for her.
Eats : Apple Pudding
  • Lvl 105 Needle of Paralysis
  • Lvl 116 Poison Myst
  • Lvl 123 Pain Killer
  • Lvl 132 Summon Legion
Specializes in Fire attacks and defensive abilities to enhance the protection of their Geneticists.
Eats : Big Cell
  • Lvl 102 Volcanic Ash
  • Lvl 109 Lava Slide
  • Lvl 116 Granitic Armor
  • Lvl 122 Magma Flow
  • Lvl 132 Pyroclastic

Eleanor is the most physically fit mutations, she attacks quick and confusing variations on her melee style.
Eats : Bun
  • Lvl 100 Style Change
  • Lvl 100 Sonic Claw
  • Lvl 100 Tinder Breaker
  • Lvl 112 C.B.C. (Continual Break Combo)
  • Lvl 114 Silvervein Rush