Ragnarok Online - Updates - New Clothing Dye!
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New Clothing Dye!

The new spring line of fashions have arrived from the Schwartzwald Republic!

A new shipment of clothing dyes has arrived just in time for the fashion mavens of Rune Midgard to offer new alternate clothing colors!

Exclusive to the Kafra shop is the new Omni Clothing Dye coupon (150kp), which can be traded, vended and stored. Now you can share the passion for fashion with your friends!

Also, you won't be left guessing about what color the dye will be. There will now be in-game images to help you decide. Talk to the Dinorah Lacostt in the second floor of the Eden Group HQ, she can show you dye options for your class or for other quests. You do not need to have purchased the omni coupon to browse the options.

Here is an example of what the new colors will look like, dyes are available for all classes!